What exactly is the Blue Benefits subscription and why should I opt for one?

The Blue Benefits subscription was designed to help our passengers enjoy their travel experiences more, at prices better than before. The subscription is valid for one year starting the day of the purchase. Also, there are three types of annual subscriptions to choose from, depending on your needs (Together, Family or Friends).

Can I have different travel partners?

You can travel with a different person each time.

What happens if I want to make a booking with less passengers than the maximum allowed by my subscription?

For example, if you have a Family subscription (1+3), you are allowed to make bookings with up to four passengers. So, you can be just 2 or 3 on the booking, not only 4.

Why can`t I see the discounted fares?

Make sure you have logged in and you have selected “Use my Blue Benefits” before starting the booking process.

Verify the expiration date of your membership.

If none of the suggestions applies, please contact us through our Call Center.

Can I change my name on a reservation made with Blue Benefits?

If you are the Holder of the Blue Benefits annual subscription, you may not change your name on any reservation. You can change the names of any other travel partner.

Can my baby be a Member of the Blue Benefits annual subscription?

Babies that are between 0 and 2 years old cannot benefit from Blue Benefits. In order to travel with them, you should pay the standard fee mentioned in our Travel Conditions.

Can I have two subscriptions at the same time?

You may choose only one type of subscription that will be linked with your account.